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At Hoehn Plastics we offer toll compounding and melt filtering services, employing advanced machinery and extensive processing knowledge to provide customized solutions. We operate three 4.5" single screw extruders, and one 6" single screw extruder. All extruders are vented for the effective removal of moisture, trapped air, and volatiles from the melted plastic. Machinery is also equipped with melt filtering equipment to ensure minimal loss of production and raw materials. Length to diameter (L:D) ratios range from 32:1 to 40:1. We strand style pelletize, with an average yield rate of 98% and the capacity to process over 32,000,000 pounds per year.

We can develop custom compounds or process exact formulations for customers from a range of materials including but not limited to Polypropylene, ABS, PC/ABS, Polyethylenes, ASA, Nylon and PBT.

Available fillers include fiberglass and minerals. All finished products are two-stage screened for ensured quality and subjected to comprehensive visual, physical, mechanical, and thermal testing. For a list of additional testing, click here.

Products ship in bulk trucks, gaylords, or super saks for customer convenience, utilizing our own fleet of trucks and trailers for dependable delivery. For more information about our toll compounding services or other available capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Since 1996, family owned and operated Hoehn Plastics, Inc., has provided high quality recycled resins to the injection molding industry.